Saturday, January 19, 2013

Japan, I was there.


Ryu Sei No Taki, Hokkaido, Japan

Here I am on my 2nd week in Singapore and doing first stage of my Final Year Project. I still cannot get enough of holiday and quality time with my family. Finally I reach January after get through a couple weeks of happiness that I've spent not only in Surabaya and Japan but also precious 3 days in Singapore. Also didn't forget my high school bestie, Oli visit me right after my family left. Honestly, both my brain and my heart are not ready yet for the things called FYP. But whatever it is, force them is a must. Warn myself that this semester is my very last semester. Yes, my last semester on my diploma program.
Then, what will I do after I graduate?
Well, according to the plan that I have made since I graduate from high school, I'll pursue my degree study at NAFA too. Graduate a year after and smoothly get a job afterward.
Yea, perfect plan! But to make it realize isn't as easy as type it on my blog.
My life this year is seriously blur. I still don't know what I will do for my FYP. What I will do after graduate as well as where I will live.
I put all my life, my past, present and future on His hand and also give my best effort :)