Wednesday, May 1, 2013


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Sorry for my sudden hiatus for around four months. I know I said sorry for my inactiveness many times before but this is not really what I want tho :((

Life is just kinda hard for me lately. So many problem wandered around me. Nag me to solve them fast.
Degree, living place and FYP. hard enough for stressing me.

I am just done with one of them, FYP. Just finished my final presentation this afternoon and quite satisfied with it. Not satisfied enough with my work but at least I am proud of myself to go this far for this project. A whole sleepless week and bravely reply on my external accessor's comments. It's just amazed me. Thanks God :))

I just got a bad news that really made me down. That was my third time did that and the result still...
oh well, I start to think that what I want probably not His plan. Is it true God? Please give me direction to the right one.

Currently I am on my effort of looking for a new living place. As me and my housemates will not renew the contract. I am actually quite excited but I haven't find one. please pray for me to find a great one that suit me and my roommate well.

He is not my God if He only give me problem, problem and problem. Just like last year, He gave me a little pieces of happiness in the middle of storm. I attended concerts of my kpop idols. Not only one but two in sequence week. I know how crazy I am in the middle of hectic FYP weeks. I surely will create another separated blogpost for this. It has been a while for me to write about kpop right? Okay just stay tune :))


  1. Whenever you feel down, remember that when life gives you lemon, make lemonade. Develop from the negatives! :D

    By the way, followed!