Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Japan, I'm ready for ya!


Hi bloggers,
honestly I do missing left something here on my pity blog but yeah I got any mood to write. But now I gladly to inform that I'll spend this precious quality time with my family in Japan. Yes, we postponed our trip there last year because of Tsunami. I'll leave for Japan on 27th December and will definitely keep you update with some photos and posts :)
But before that, first I want to warm your mind with Japanese food. Japanese is my third favourite cuisine after Chinese and Indonesian for sure. I really like sushi and ramen. It's like I'll never get enough of sushi. My fave sushi bar in Singapore is Itacho. For ramen, I've tried a lot of ramens like Menya Musashi, Ippudo, Hokkaido, etc but I leave my heart at Ajisen ramen. I love their Tontoro ramen. 

Since I already post about Ajisen Ramen last time when I transited in Hongkong, now I am going to review about Genki Sushi, one of unique restaurants in Singapore. Why do I call them unique? just scroll this post down and find the answer yourself :)

iPad for ordering

But still have the physical menu

Hello Kitty plate :3

I'm so excited for this trip. Different from my last trip to Korea, the enthusiasm is about Korean idols and its circumstances. Now my enthusiasm is more to the food. I can't wait to taste Japanese food in Japan itself! Okay see ya soon blogger and enjoy your new year :D

Genki Sushi
181 Orchard Road
#03-32 Orchard Central
Tel: 66816628
Operating Hours
Daily : 11.30-22.00