Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happy Lady


My life is not perfect. Sometimes I struggle, sometimes I have fun.
Last week I learn to be grateful for my own life and today I know why I have to do it.

From housemates

From classmates

I'm a 21 years old happy girl ehm lady. Thank you for being in my life :)


Friday, November 2, 2012

2NE1 in Singapore


Well, I know I'm in the middle of hectic week (again!). I'm already on the end of my second week of ISP and I know it for sure that next week is my last week of ISP. But this evening one of my friends informed me that 2NE1 was in this island and was going to have a surprise performance at Clarke Quay tonight. I'm so excited since my last fangirling activity was at Song JoongKi fanmeet which was already 4 months ago. I missed Skarf and Lee Hyun Woo's fanmeet in Singapore last month. This semester is a super busy semester. I am really grateful that I have spent my freshman year to explore more about this country and do more fangirling because I can't do it as often as I used to do. Since my SLR was running out of battery and memory, I just filmed some part of their Fire and I don't care performance and enjoyed the rest of the performance. Yeay, I'm the best :)
Okay, let's check out my fancam!

At first only the first 500 people who can enter the Read Bridge but then in the middle of I don't care performance, the staffs allowed us to enter the bridge. Even tough I'm not even a blackjack, I really enjoy 2NE1 live performance especially I'm the best. Unfortunately they weren't perform their newest song I love you :(
Enjoy my fancams anyway bloggers :D