Friday, August 31, 2012

Survival Month


source : my instagram
I know this post is going to be the first and the last in August. I really miss writing something here but, well as usual, school work didn't let me do at all. This month is a tough month for me. I know I should have had to get used to. This semester is my 5th. I have passed four semesters nicely and also have to get through all of this too :)

I am a type of girl who easily get pessimistic. What I saw was all nice works by my friends and schoolmates. I asked myself what my purpose to be here, pursue my education as a graphic designer if I cannot create great work? I have done my best, but once again it's not the best after all. When I think for not doing my best anymore, I remember my friend asked me, how if God take all of your skill and ability? What are you going to do? I clearly realize that everything that I have now are from him and it's not impossible for Him to take it someday. I remember three months ago I posted about The parable of the Talents to motivate myself and how come I easily forget it.
One high school friends of mine also said that I should do my best not for my own pride, my family, or anything, but for Him who already give me this life.

I know I used to be a pessimistic girl and in process to be a highly motivated lady. Okay I am going to back to my school work. See you bloggers in (hopefully) next a couple weeks :)