Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fika Cafe


Few months ago I share about one of Swedish dishes, IKEA Swedish Meatball. Now I'm going to share more about Swedish dishes. This weekend was only an early weeks of semester so I didn't have too many homework to do and went to treat myself well before it's too late. I went to Fika, a Swedish restaurant which located on Arab Street. Arab Street is (if I can call it) culinary street in Singapore because most of them are restaurants and bars and they are really crowded especially on weekend.
According to my housemate, Fika alone means having a coffee time. Because Swedish peoples have a habit to consume coffee regularly for their breakfast, lunch, dinner and even before they go to sleep (I'm just wondering if they can sleep after consume coffee). That's why they are not only serve meal but also dessert and of course, coffee.
Since it was only 3 of us, 2 of my housemates and me, we only ordered three main dishes and a side dish. We shared the meals because we want to try all of them.

Roast Beef Crepe $16.5

Grilled Crayfish Pasta $23.7

Cheesy Potato Wedges $7.9

Swedish Meatball $18.5

For me as a student, it's a bit overpriced but I like the ambient and really love the branding. Well, keep it up :)

Fika Swedish Cafe and Bistro
257 Beach Road, Singapore
Tel : +65 63969096
Opening Hours
Sunday-Wednesday : 11.00-22.00
Thursday-Saturday : 11.00-23.00


Monday, July 23, 2012

Back to Normal


Well, suddenly miss WBL and the memories. 
Finally I'm back to my normal life as an ordinary design student. I know this past 2 months I were just an intern not a real employee but still I cannot deny these all are the reflection of what gonna happen on the future working life. Behind all tears and struggles, there were million experiences. Well, now I'm back to my life 2 months ago as a young girl who spend her times did her school project and had a little fun in class with her classmates. Who being a boss for herself, doing what she wanted to do, took a nap when she was sleepy, but still need to struggle on school work for her GPA.
I remember one of my colleagues asked, which one do you prefer working or schooling?
I took a moment to think and say, I don't know. But for now just enjoy schooling because later when I work, I cannot back to school.
Now, I cherish the quality time with my classmates and being a student because once I graduate and get a job, I can't ever comeback as a student anymore.

One more thing to learn,
When I think I were mature enough and all my decisions were right, then I realize I am not at that stage yet.
And once again, how hard it is to be mature.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Culinary Trip to Malang


Hey bloggers, I've done my duty as student who work as intern but sadly my life as employee didn't end just like that. I carry some undone work. For you who don't know the best part, I'm home right now. Yes, you're right I'm in Surabaya, Indonesia, my beloved hometown. I know I only left my hometown for around 2,5 months but with all things that happened lately, being at home is the best after all.
Yesterday was my second day here and my family already planed to go Malang for culinary trip. How happy I am. It's already a long time I never go to Malang. Also I can meet up with my cousins there :)
Our first stop is Soto Rampal. Even tough the name is Soto Rampal, the popular dish at this restaurant is Rawon.Rawon is Indonesian beef with black gravy.
On their restaurant wall, they put some pictures of SBY, President of Republic of Indonesia visited their restaurant. I think that's why their price is quite high.It was not that high last year.

IDR 18.000

Next we went to Trowulan grilled meatball. Since we just had breakfast, we decided to take away the grilled meatball. This grilled meatball is one of my favourite dishes in Malang.

After had a family gathering at my cousin's house, we continued our culinary journey. My parents got some recommendation from their friends about one of some popular restaurants in Malang, KDS. It turned out that KDS is a Chinese restaurant. I don't have idea what kind of restaurant is KDS before my relatives told me about it.

The dishes that KDS served are good with affordable price for restaurant size. If this restaurant located in Surabaya, my family definitely will comeback.

As an intern got a thousand one valuable experienced. I have been really outed from my comfort zone as a princess. I thought I was already out from my comfort zone when I decided to live by my own in Singapore. But apparently I forgot that I still depended on my parents. I was wrong, get out from comfort zone is not only live away from my parents but also fight for your own life such as working. In working life there are not only friendly lambs but also cruel wolfs.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Korean Food Again?


Yeay it's weekend like finally! I don't know why this week seems so long and that's not only me who feel it, my colleague and my housemate also. Last Tuesday Meli, my highschool friend came to here for vacation with her friends and I met her on Friday. We had a quite long journey from Bugis, Sentosa Island and Clarke Quay. Unfortunately that day was her last day here.

I spent this weekend with my housemates. We had planed to eat buffet since Ssikkek BBQ has just opened their newest branch near our apartment and give some discounts. Ssikkek BBQ is one of famous Korean BBQ buffets in Singapore. Some of my friends recommend Ssikkek but I haven't had a chance to try. Since it's buffet, you are allowed to eat as much as you can without limited time. Compared with the other Korean buffets that I've tried before like Arirang and Seoul Garden, Ssikkek has more Korean feeling. Start from the kpop idol posters along the glass window, kpop music program recording was played on TV and a full bowl of kpop idol cards as giveaway to costumer.

Side dishes


Bulgogi <3

Last week recording of Music Core was played 

I took Yonghwa's cards and I was surprised because they have quite a lot Yonghwa one :)  

Ssikkek BBQ
231 Bain Street #02-01 Bras Basah Complex, Singapore
Tel : +65 63364476
Opening Hours
Lunch : 11.30-14.30
Dinner : 17.30-22.00

Our precious weekend didn't end just like that. We headed to St. Games to play Rock Band. As we know, Rock Band is a music video games what allows the players to simulate performance of popular songs by playing with controllers modeled after musical instruments such as lead guitar, bass guitar, and drums. Not only music instruments, USB microphone also can be used to sing along.
For the price, I think it's quite expensive for student like me. $ 5 for applying a membership (Only members can play here) and around $7 per hours for playing (If I'm not mistaken)

The microphone

The guitar

I got this voucher for applying new membership

St. Games @ The Cathay
2 Handy Road #04-18 Singapore
Tel : +65 63972285
Operating Hours
Sun to Thurs : 12.00-22.00
Fri and Sat : 12.00-02.00

It's only 2 weeks left for internship. I'm not sure whether it's too short or too long already, I still have so many tasks to do :(