Tuesday, April 24, 2012



Yesterday was my submission day ISP and welcome freedom! Not freedom literally because internship will come a couple weeks after.
Another good news is I'll be home in less than a week. Ya, finally I decided to go back to Indonesia. I realize I can't be that selfish for letting them miss me for too long :')
If I can get the real freedom, can I just get my eat-dom?
That's what I did today with my roommate to treat ourselves for working really hard,
Culinary Trip!

Sweden Meatball of IKEA - Milo Toast of Toast Box - Sanpou Ramen of RamenPlay

And girl's day won't be complete without shopping. I bought 3 pairs of Forever 21 sandals. I planed to give one of them for my friend in Surabaya. Can't wait to meet my friends there. I hope they do too :)
Another eat-dom wait me there. See you bloggers!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday POPPIMESHI


Happy Birthday my beloved blog, POPPIMESHI.
Thank you for be there for 2 years. yea 2 years, quite long right but you only had less than 100 post. What a shame :(
I cannot promise I'll wrote everyday, it's too much but I ensure you to keep going :)
About my doodle above, I made this doodle for my parents wedding anniversary 2 months ago. Love and miss you so much Mom and Dad :)


Monday, April 9, 2012



I just wrapped up my precious long weekend yesterday and start struggling with my ISP now.
Lately I prefer Hollywood movie to Korean drama. Considering the Korean drama that has more than 10 episodes each and to improve my listening skill. I have already watch 5 movies and 3 episodes of Running Man (still, I can't leave this show haha)
Here they are :

I just love this type of movies, comedy and action. Perfect.

"I chose to stay with him for all the things he's done right; not the one thing he's done wrong. I chose to forgive him."
Love the quotes. Sweet story, plain ending.

Should be a comedy movie but I don't really get the joke. Sorry.

Super cute animation but not really about the story. Love the way they pronounced Erik and Penguin :3

Funny movies. Must watch!

Even though most of them aren't new movies, I've already got some good recommendations and they are worth to watch. Running Man never disappointed me especially the latest episode with BoA. Go watch them blogger! :D
Okay I gonna back to my lovely ISP.
Wish me luck :)


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kiss you goodbye March


Finally I'm on my first looong weekend for this semester. I've no class until next monday yeay! Even I'm actually not really that relax because after my submission for assignment, ISP comes afterward for sure.
Okay just enjoy this little relax with taking care of this poor blog :)

I want to share more about I have learned in March. So much things happened. A lot.
Award. Internship.Living place.
March 2012 is such a tough month for me. It doesn't means that everything happened in March were bad because in this month He also show me His love to make me realize, He gave all this problem in order to make me become a mature lady.

What you want isn't necessarily the best for you.
Because He knows what's the best for you and he planed it already.

Don't rely on other people.
The one you must rely on is yourself and no doubt, Him.

He will give on the right time, when you are ready for it.
Just live your life now and enjoy it!

He gave to the needy because He knows each person strength.

This Saturday I'll attend this talk at Lasalle. The invitation looks interesting, I hope so with the talk.
By the way, Happy good friday for those who celebrate it. I know it's too early to say but have a nice long weekend :)