Friday, March 9, 2012

So Surprise!


Hi guys, sorry for abbandoning this blog for a long time. I'll try to keep this blog update but unfortunately my assignment definitely won't let me :((
Today, a big thing suprise me. really suprise.
I got call to stay at school after 3PM, since I attendeded a talk from 1 to 3, I take easy that call.

My packaging that I did for ISP last semester awarded Bronze on Icon Award, NAFA internal competition. So happy for it :D
Lately I thought that my skill cannot compare to others in my school. My work are totally nothing. So I just do and not put my best on it. This award doesn't want to prove that I'm one of student that NAFA should pay attention but I see this award as rebuke for me. It's like, God wants to say that I can as great as your friends out there, it's my choice to not to be the one. Ya,  I know I didn't put my best effort this semester.
Thanks God for everything. I'm nothing without You.