Monday, January 23, 2012

Dragon Girl


Dragon girl

I'm not the one who don't want to go home, I think it just not the right time to.

Happy Chinese New Year for those who celebrate it!
This year is my 2nd year celebrate CNY far from my family. I'm here in Singapore, fight with my homework when my big family in Surabaya enjoy their CNY eve dinner.
That's my choice. Honestly, I miss home but there are something that I haven't done yet here and yet, I'm already on my 4th week.
Things that make it different from last CNY is most of my housemates go back to Indo this year and only left me and one of my roomate here in Singapore.
But nevermind just enjoy CNY and also doing homework :)

My frozen foods

My roomate and I already stocked some frozen foods to be eaten on CNY.
Okay, just enjoy your CNY folks!


Monday, January 16, 2012

FT Island in Singapore


Today is just the beginning of my 3rd week here and I was so excited. I attended FT Island autograph session. Actually I'm not really into FT Island but one thing that make me happy when heard about this fanmeet is chances of CN Blue concert in Singapore. Since FT Island and CN Blue are labelmate, CN Blue will probably come too :)

And here's my fancam and fanpics. For fanpics, I actually took over 100 photos but still too busy to edit them one by one so I decide to give you guys some spoiler photos. So, enjoy primadonas :)

FT Island
One of my best shoot
Funny Hongki


Thursday, January 12, 2012

“Am I resemble letter Q already?”


I’m working on my typography homework now. Create variation of letter Q as much as I can.
I know the kid's tongue is a little bit scary and forced to shape letter Q haha

Last post I mentioned I work on another doodle about me and my housemates but unfortunately I still haven't done it yet due to some homework. I think this semester will be tougher and will continue by internship but honestly, I don't know why I feel lazier compared to last semester. I didn't really satisfied with my result but still.. 
Okay, I have to wake up, face the fact that holiday is over for real and more homework will come afterward.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Doodling Steals My 'doing-homework' Desire


What I wore today to school
I'm so addicted to doodle start from today, around 11 hours ago when I tried doodling by Adobe Photoshop. The previous doodle that I made here and here was using Adobe Illustrator. Actually I want to use SAI to doodle but sadly my SAI that my friend downloaded for me has already expired :(

I did the sketch on paper first then trace the outline on Photoshop.After that continue with coloring and put some shadow so that the doodle won't look that flat. I know for this doodle I'm not that brave to put the shadow so it looks flat. Next time with a lot of practice, I want to create the better one :)

Now I'm working on another doodle about me and my housemates. Please look forward for it :D
And what do you think that can improve my doodle? thanks guys for your suggestions, I'll really appreciate them :)


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Handsome one



Hey bloggers I want to introduce to you guys, my family's cat. I called him my family's cat because he not live with me in my house since my parents didn't allow me to take care of pets. He lives at my dad's company with my dad's employees. All my family members love him.
Actually this cat (I'm not sure about his name) is a biracial cat with Angora's mom and Java's dad. His appearance is like Java cat but calm behavior like Angora's one. I took some photos of him as my photography practice. 

What do you think about him bloggers?
Leave some loves behind :)

So sad, school will start tomorrow. Good bye beloved holiday and its freedom.
But so excited to meet my classmates!
See ya guys :D


I Leave My Soul in Surabaya


Me and Oli are at Conrad Hotel's Lobby
Today is still the 2nd day in 2012 but I'm already in Singapore. I'm still on my holiday mood and can't get over it. I know my tummy needed some foods but my mouth seemed don't want to eat anything here. I miss Indo's food so bad. I ended just eat Milo Toast for breakfast today.

A thing that made my day was I met my high school friend, Oli.She spent her holiday here with her family but so sad, today was her last day. Fortunately, she got afternoon flight so we could meet up and had fun for a while :)
Surprisingly, She just bought me a birthday present, a cute cat bag. Thanks Oli for the present :D

Both of my roommates just arrived in Singapore today. One of them just back from her trip in Korea bought  me a U-KISS's 2nd album, Neverland. Thank you Petty, my chingu bule is so handsome as always.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wish a Happy Brand New Year


Another simple doodle I made for welcoming 2012
Happy New Year people!
A year have passed. Time fly so fast.
Some of the last year's resolutions may fulfill and the rest will become this year's resolution.
The point is you have done your best last year and will get better this year. Thanks God for everything that happened last year :)

Okay, let's make another resolution for this year!
  Once again, get better GPA(at least 3.00 for CGPA?)
  More friendly-handed with my DSLR and wacom
  Reach at least 6.5 for IELTS
  More independent and mature
  Closer to God
  Find and be found

By the year change to 2012, I just have another 16 hours and 40 minutes left in Surabaya because sadly I'll be back to Singapore today. Have a great holiday bloggers!