Saturday, December 31, 2011

At the End of December


Happy Birthday Meli!
Wish you all the best and may all your dreams come true :)

This is the first ever doodle I've ever made. I tried to use dark brown brush outline as my style. I got excited with doodling-world lately but I need to practice more and more to be a good doodler :)


Friday, December 16, 2011

Here I am with my freedom



hey guys!
I'm here, enjoying my freedom in Surabaya and just now my result for this semester is out.
and for the result?
ya that's really good for me who haven't reached 3 for my GPA. yea I get 3!
thanks God. What I've done last semester paid off :)
But still I'm a human. Human never gets enough. If you get good, you want the better. After you get the better one, you want the best.
So am I. Most of my friends get higher.
I feel like I'm not supposed to be happy and satisfied to my result.
It means I must work harder next semester. I'll do my best.

Many things make me worries, especially my future.
Can I do it well? :S

Christmas and new year are coming soon!
but so bad,
School is APPROACHING too :(
It means time to go back to Singapore. Okay just enjoy the days left here.
Another reason I should not sad is my friend spend her holiday there so I 'll meet her soon :D