Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We're done, Super Bread


heyy bloggers! I just go back to blogging world. Good news that I've done my one semester struggle. yeayyy freedom is really mine. ya at least for a month a head before I will start another new semester. Can't wait to go home! I don't know why, I'm so excited to go back. miss home. miss family and friends. miss my own room.

But one thing jammed in my heart. I a bit disappointed with my ISP this semester. I think I can do better than that. At first, I'm really confidence with my work but after presented it in front of the lecturers, I realized lots of things I can do better but it's already too late. I just hope getting GPA that will pay off all my effort for this semester :)

okay guys, I'm counting down my days here, 6 days left and wait my next post from my hometown yeayy! :D


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Birthday Lady


A year has passed. Today is coming again.The first day when I am not a teenager anymore. yea I am twenty years old lady starting from today :)
This birthday is much different from my other birthday because not only I spent my birthday in Singapore for the very first time, I also didn't feel like "regret" my birthday because I become a year older.I proud with my age and want to show the world, I'm mature enough to face the real life.
I purposely did not put my birth date on facebook to know who are really remind my birthday.

A present from Nadia, Chinggu bule and I :)