Friday, September 30, 2011

Miss A in Singapore



I just finished my typography class and headed to City Square Mall by bus.
yaa Nadia and I attended Miss A fanmeet! That was their first ever fanmeet in Singapore.
I think we came a bit late that why some good spots on first and second floor already packed of fangirls and boys. Then we looked for a good place to wait on third floor. So here we were, wait on third floor with not really good fancam and fanpic :(

IMG_2015 copy


IMG_2012 copy

For more fan pictures, you can visit my flickr's photostream here
I'm not satisfied with my fancam and fanpics.
Let's do better next time :D


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Letter from Super Busy Art Student


some messy painting that I did for my friend

Hey bloggers! I do really miss blogging but I'm so busy with all the university things.
I want to put my best effort this semester and I got inspired by quite a lot people and I want to achieve the same result as they did.
now I'm on my tutorial week and that means there's no class this week but yaa I almost forgot that I will have written test for each lesson next week and I also must prepare for the final assignment afterward.
well, actually a lot of thing I want to share through this blog but ya I want to make every seconds of this tutorial week effective.
less playing around, do more reseach.
wish me luck bloggers and wait me back to my hometown and post lots of things for you!
see you :)




Friends are the gift from God. He doesn't pick them randomly for you.
He chooses the ones who suit you, not suit you perfectly but from them you can learn how to think positively, to receive a critique, to understand other's characteristic and a lot of things you cannot understand before.
Thanks to God. He gave me not the perfect or popular one but the one that help me to be a better person day by day :)