Tuesday, August 9, 2011

B1A4 in Singapore



hey bloggers!
I'm back to my university life and no longer a freshman student anymore. That means I already have a junior but ya you know there's no event to make all students know each other, I only know some of my juniors.
Moreover, my class changed. No more my beloved 1F.
Welcome 2F Graphic Design!
I'll do my best this semester yeay :D

I'm still on my first week and have quite a lot spare time so Nadia and I decided to stalk B1A4.
Yes, they came to Singapore!
We went morning service so that we can go to airport to welcome them after that.
After we have been waiting for almost 2 hours, they came out!

check out my debut fancam with my new DSLR camera, GD

The next day, B1A4 held their first meet and greet at Iluma. Nadia and I came 2 hours before the event started. We take second floor as our waiting place.

and I also took some pictures of them




for more photos, check my flicker here
And aslo check my youtube channel for more fancam here