Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kpop's Things


Well, I'm still a kpop fans.
Actually, my parents decided our vacation to japan but sadly it postponed due to the tsunami so they changed it to South Korea. if you are a kpop fans, you will know what I felt at that time, happy and excited! but still, i feel sorry about japan. We didn't cancel it, just postpone. By the time japan gets better, we'll be there soon :)

my flight canceled too due to the big strom

When I was in Korea, I saw a lot of posters, photos and advertisements with korean idol as the model and felt so excited.  ya I know, it was an ordinary things in Korea but hey I am a kpop tourist and enjoyed it so much :D


Monday, July 4, 2011

The Awesome Korea


On this post I won't write too much but I'll show you a lot of photos that I took in Korea.On the first day, I only stayed a night in Seoul and left for Jeju Island via Gimpo Domestic Airport the next day. Okay, enjoy guys!

Yongdu-am (Dragon Head Rock)

Jeju Island's Statue

Teddy Bear Museum

Mysterious Road

Jeju Island Map

The number 1 show in Korea, Nanta Show

On the forth day, I left Jeju Island for Seoul.Because of really bad weather, our flight delayed for few hours.

that place used for skying on winter


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hongkong vs Singapore


Hey blogger, I just come back from Korea and to fulfill my promise on my last post, I'll upload some photos that I took on my trip. Since the photos are a lot, I'll separate it into some post. okay, enjoy!
It took almost 8 hours to reach Incheon Airport from Surabaya and I got transit in Hongkong.We had few free hours there so we decided to had lunch.the first billboard that was caught by my eyes when we were at food court was Ajisen ramen!
I quite familiar to this kind of food since I live in Singapore and Ajisen Ramen became one of my favorite foods. I'm glad to let my family know what I like when they were not around me. Good news, my family will visit me on August!
Okay, back to the main topic, Ajisen ramen at Hongkong Airport only a stand of big Airport food court. For the taste I think, the Singapore's one is better. Uhm maybe because I'm more familiar with the Singapore one? I'm not sure. What do you think bloggers? Do you like Ajisen ramen as much as me ? :)

the first billboard that caught by by eyes

the menu isn't too many

Singapore's Ajisen Ramen

I also took some photos at Hongkong Airport