Saturday, June 25, 2011

greeting from Korea


hey bloggers! I'm in korea right now!
by the way, I'm in jeju island and now waiting to watch nanta show.
uhm actually i don't know what is it but i want to watch it since i'm in korea now hehe
the green bear is the one I got from teddy bear museum, one of unique museums in Jeju island.
for more photos that i took in korea, i'll upload it later when i'll be back to indo because most of the photos i took by GD, my beloved dslr.
okay, see you soon bloggers!


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Semi-Scrapbook Quilling


yea I just done another project this holiday :D
Actually I inspired by Reshmi Nair and I also learned a lot from her blog :)
Uhmm can I call it scrapbook? Because that's not truly scrapbook, I just made 8 pages of paper quilling and bind them as a book.
I made it as the Birthday project for my friend, Yunita.
each page contain different style of paper quilling and also birthday wish for the birthday girl.
I hope she will like it :)


Friday, June 17, 2011

Love is never ugly


source : here

The story is sweet.Make you believe in true love and wanna live in fairytale.Say it Cinderella, prince frog, beauty and the beast, etc.
And nowadays been applied in modern life such as a Thailand movie, "A Crazy Little Thing Called Love", "Kim Pil Sook-Jason"on the korean drama, Dream High and the one I just watch, a movie "Beastly"

source : here
A Crazy Little Thing Called Love

source : here
Pil Sook-Jason (Dream High)

source : here

the end of the story is really sweet and too sweet that I a bit cannot believe if it'll really happen in real life. uhmm maybe I just haven't experienced it by myself or seen directly in real life. Ya maybe almost all girls in the world and me cannot deny that we want that story happens in our live but..
Hey wake up girl!
we cannot only sleep and dream but try to reach it.
Our story may not as sweet as fairytale but God is the best life-story writer and He knows what fit us the best.Just believe, pray and give your best shoot :)


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Girls sat-nite


hey bloggers, It has been a few days after I received my report for the second semester but I still cannot accept that easily.ya, although I know I must be grateful, be grateful and be grateful with whatever I've had but still...
ya forget it lah.
today I planed to have a girl sat-nite with my girls, Boxi.I miss having a quality time with them but they're still busy with their college things so we can't hang out anytime.
at first, be went to Happy Puppy to karaoke.We sang a lot of song from SNSD, Bigbang, Super Junior, Wonder Girls until Bruno Mars, Avril, Taylor Swift, etc. I felt my freedom by sing (or scream?) haha

Then we headed to Sutos to have dinner then coffe-ing at My Kopi-O. I didn't forget to bring my beloved new GD to capture anything that caught our attention.
And now I proudly present the debut photos by GD

Oli and Yenny

Me and Meli

taken by Yenny


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Expected Too Much?


Finally my result for this semester is out. A little bit curious, but afraid to see the result of all that I've done in this four months.
I think, I've done my best. Seldom go shopping and hanging out. Seldom buy clothes and heels, not like the previous semester. Spent my precious weekend at library and did homework.
I think it will worth at the end.
I think I can reach 2.9-3.0 for my GPA.
okay, that's all that I think but sadly it's not suit the reality.
I only get a super little improvement of my GPA.
disappointed? sad? upset?
yesss of course I AM!
but I try to be grateful.
be grateful for the GPA improvement. be grateful for the score that worth me. be grateful for the support of my friends that make me stronger. thank you.
but a thing that makes me happy is my final project got the best score, A.
thanks God! that's really really worth :)
I made a flip book of the metamorphosis of frog. I need 10 days to make it done.

packaging, the supporting item

contain of the packaging

flipbook, the main item

by the way, after I've done my fabric scrapbook project, now I was working on another project called paper quilling and I found that it's should try it bloggers!

inspired by : here

ohya, another info : I'll leave for South Korea by the end of this month :D