Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fabric Scrapbook


hey bloggers!
I've been 2 weeks in Surabaya, my hometown.
ya as usual, nothing to do but I've decided to make this holiday useful and not waste 'just like that'.
So I learn mandarin this holiday so that I can communicate in Mandarin especially with Chinese-Singaporean and my friends that come from China.
I don't know where the idea come from, I want to try to make a fabric scrapbook. Fortunately, I don't have to make the framework by myself because I found a brochure of a bank's packaging.
I used fabric for the main item since paper scrapbook is more common than the fabric one.
I made this for my friend, Grasya, as the birthday present.

undone cover

undone contain

the cover

the inside page

I just updated this post with the inside page. hope you enjoy and get some inspiration from it :)
by the way, I made the flower handmade one by one. Can you see that's flower?
I'm afraid that people can see it as irregular fabric x_x


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

welcome 7D !


Welcome dear Canon EOS 7D!
-----I call it GD from word qi() D

Canon EOS 7D
source : here

suddenly my dad buy me a DSLR camera. omg I'm still really really newbie in photography world.
thanks papa. I'll do the best I can to make you proud because I know that camera isn't cheap and I know you do it to support my education.thank youu.
yaa, finally more responsibility to take.
pray for me bloggers :)

uhm good news, I won a CNBLUE's blish from Impromptu Online Giveaways! by teensmag! thanks blogger for your favor :D

by the way, I'm not that active on blogging world this lately but surprisingly I got two award from my affies.
thank you :)

from Panda and Lintang

from Panda

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Need Help!


I just joined Impromptu Online Giveaways! by teensmag
can I ask you a favor, bloggers?
I need a lot of likes to my comment on facebook to win this blish.

credit : here

you must like teensmag's page before you can like my comment under the name of Esther Angela on this page
if you cannot find my comment, just press CTRL F then type my name, Esther Angela.
remember to like the comment instead the photo.
thanks bloggers.
I really appreciated every single like that you do :)

click the pictures for enlarge


Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm coming home SOON


source : here

Welcoming May!
I don't know should I happy or not.
2nd May is the deadline of my ISP(my final project) of this semester, ya even I almost finish the main things, just need finishing for the workbook and CD.
The end of this semester also means the end of my freshman year.
I won't meet my lovely 1F classmates next semester because we'll take our own major.
We have been a year together, I'll miss them soon.

ya, It's May!
time to go home.
just few days left here. I don't need to count it, just enjoy my days left.
ohh how I miss shopping at Orchard and Bugis as I used to do on my first semester, when I only have a little homework.
okay, see you soon bloggers!
see you soon, SURABAYA!
you don't know how I miss you :')