Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What's Valentine for You?


from Mun Yee

Time flies so fast, it's february already. As usual, I'm so busy with homework and suddenly today is 14th of february.Ya all of you must know that today is valentine day, the romantic day ever. A special day especially for couple. Luckier, you'll have such a romantic dinner with your couple.
How about me? I've decided to go dating with homework tonight. Worse valentine day?
Uhm maybe.

Have no boyfriend or girlfriend on valentine day isn't the end of the world. The point of valentine day isn't about having a boyfriend/girlfriend or a super romantic candle light diner. It's more about love and love not only for lover but for our family, friends and also for anyone who need our love, for example orphanage, etc.
Since I was single and still wanna celebrate valentine day, last year I sew something for my friends.You can see what it was
here.It wasn't a big things but I hope they like it and knew that I love them :)

This year, I'm not in my home country anymore.I cannot sew whenever I want. not only because of the equipment and material that I left in Surabaya, but also due to the time. last year,I still could did it in class or when I had a free lesson but now, I study in naf
a whose lectures give their student tons of homework. you know that my GPA wasn't that good last semester so I wanna improve it. ya the conclusion is I don't make anything for this year but surprisingly some of my classmates have prepared something.It was a bit awkward because I didn't prepared anything for them.but now I know, they are also my friends! My friends not only the one my high school friends, but also my university friends. thanks for being my friend anyway :)

cupcakes made by Juriani

Still, I'm (dying) in love with DALER ROWNEY .____.


Monday, February 7, 2011

welcome bunny


source : here

Happy Chinese new year bloggers!
especially for you who celebrate it.
Have a great year ahead.

As I have told you on my previous post, I didn't come back home on this Chinese new year.
at first I think this year is the most pity chinese new year in my life because every year I always spend it with my family, especially my big family and on the eve I'll always have dinner at restaurant and watch barongsay with them.
but this year, it won't be same.I'm here, in Singapore.
ya lucky me, even most of my friends went back home, my housemates didn't.
we decided to watch movie on the new yaer eve, ya although it a bit weired for me.
I watched green hornet at the Cathay.
you must think that i'm be influenced to watch it because I attended jay chou's fan meeting.
But that's totally wrong.
my housemates who bought the tickets when I was at apartment, enjoy my temporary freedom.
cute coincidence :)

after watched movie, we sudenly got hungry.so we went to aljilani, an india's restaurant.
even a bit, I already felt home, had a new year eve dinner :)

the next day, my housemates and I have planed to cook for our breakfast (although at the end it became lunch because cook took a quite long time)
but I really enjoyed it.

thing that i used to do on chinese new year, bai-bai to my parents and grand parents by skype, and also didn't forget to ask the angpao :p

ohya, I forgot tell you that most singaporean are from chinese etnic so almost all singaporean celebrated chinese new year, like idul fitri in Indonesia, most shops and restaurants were closed, here was too.
but thanks God, some India's restaurants and fast food restaurants still opened.

sushi for dinner

ya, finally something that I can learn from this chinese new year.
Firstly, most people celebrated their chinese new year and eve with their big family but not everyone. For those who can't celebrate it with their family just like me, no need to discourage. just enjoy it guys.
secondly, even we're so far from our family (ya even I know Singapore isn't "too far".just take 2 hours by plane from Surabaya) and physically are not next to them but in their heart we are always there. omg, how I miss my family :(
okay once again, see you on May