Sunday, January 30, 2011

SS3 Singapore


source : here

If you're kpopers, either newbie or the expert one, you must know what is SS3.
SS3 stands for Super Show 3.
Super Show 3 is the third Asia tour of Super Junior.
As far as I know, this year is the first time Suju holds their concert in Singapore.
They held their concert two times in Singapore at 29 and 30 January.
since I'm still a newbie kpoper, I decided to not attend their concert.
so sorry.
But still, I'm a kpoper!
I've planed to stalk them since I heard they will come to Singapore.
so let's see my stalk experience!

Day 1

My friend and I went to Stadium at 11 AM. Stadium isn't too crowd and there was a little rain.
Around 2PM, Suju's members arrived. I can see them quite clear especially Shindong but they walked a bit too fast that I can't recognize them one by one.
An hour after that, if I'm not wrong, Siwon and Sungmin arrived.I heard that they arrived in Singapore just now.
I can see Siwon clearly!
He wore black top and sunglass also he didn't forget to wave his hand to us

the queue of merchandise counter on the first day

He should be a Suju's member but I don't know who.
any idea?

banners and photos which I got for free

Day 2

the queue of merchandise counter on the second day

captured by polaroid when we were queuing to buy merchandise

my housemate's official lightstick and her concert ticket

the Stadium's weather is always rainy


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jay Chou's Green Hornet


For me, back to Singapore not only means back to university life and its homework, but also back to the world that I'll ever experience if I were in Surabaya.One of them is see idols in person.ya although I don't even know them, it become my own pride.
On that occasion, Jay Chou came to Bugis Junction to promote his newest movie, Green Hornet with Seth Rogen.

They came to give present for the winner of the games that was held by F&N Season.They were there for at least 15 minutes because after that they will attend their movie premiere at The Cathay.
I and my classmate, fina have been there since 3PM.The weather also wasn't stable.Sometimes hot, sometimes rain.
so umbrella is the important thing we needed at that time.
Finally they appeared at 4PM.
As usual, I red a fence and can see him quite clear except people's camera cover him -_____-

I'm so sorry for the bad quality of the photos because I stood quite far from the stage.
By the way, actually I also haven't watched that, if you're curious, check this trailer out!


Saturday, January 22, 2011



hi bloggers!I'm back again.
I'm so sorry for the hiatus.
As you know, I'm in Singapore already and that means I have been back to my university life with its unstoppable and never ending homework.
on this post, I'll share my culinary experience.
ya, this is my first time share that topic.
Actually I have a lot of pictures of food since I was in Singapore but I'm too shy to share it due to my bad skill of photography.
At this time I'll try it and hope you like it.

today I went to Clarke Quay with my housemates, Patricia, ce Winda, ce Vania and ce Melinda.
We have planned to have dinner at Hooters.
For your information, Hooters is quite famous restaurant at Clarke Quay whose waitress wore sexy uniform.
The typical food of that restaurant is chicken wing.
You can order it at three different serving, 20 pieces, 30 pieces and 50 pieces.

50 pieces of chicken wing and curly french fries

My housemates and I ordered 50 pieces and also a curly french fries.So each of us must eat at least 10 pieces.
It was nice but 10 pieces was too many for me.
so full.
we cannot finish it all so we took away the rest of it.

I've made a decision that I won't go back home on Chinese new year.
ya, I think the opponent side won.
thanks for your vote and suggestion on this post blogger!
I really appreciate it :)


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Super Duper Late Present


I'm really sorry for this super late present, fina :(
late for 2 months 3 days, oh so bad
so sorry too for damaging of the present warp, that present has done a quite far trip from Surabaya to Singapore.
the important thing is the content right? hehe

front side

back side

you must be wonder why I sew name 'angel' on the back side.
Since your dog's name is angel and you miss her so often
And accidentally It's also my middle name
So if you miss her and miss ME too, just see to that cushion hahaa
last but not least,
happy birthday Serafina Jessica
wish you all the best.
thanks for being my friend in Singapore


Monday, January 10, 2011

Your Time is Over, Princess


source : here

Time flies so fast.
I must come back to Singapore, back to my real life.
Wake up from a beautiful dream as a princess who lives in a luxurous castle.

No more family and friends next to me,
no more big and cozy private bedroom,
no more own car and private driver,
no more my favorite foods,
no more and no more.

But just thank God for beloved roommates, housemates and friends in Singapore,
for quite cozy share bedroom,
for clean and save bus and MRT,
for my new favorite food,
for everything I have here.
thanks God:)

Hell-o Singapore,
I'm ready to face you until the next four months!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011



click the picture to enlarge

happy birthday Meliana Christianti
wish you all the best and all your dreams come true
really sorry for this super late gift :(
I just done it and I'm so sorry too, that typography isn't neat *I'm still practicing :p*
I hope we could meet before January 9th because I want to give that typography in person to you

by the way, accidentally I found this
you still remember that, right? :p
we laughed a lot when we talked about that picture hahaa
uhmm it makes me missing that moment :')
thanks for being my friend ya, the best one


Monday, January 3, 2011

too nice to be left


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My comfort zone are too nice to be left.
Time seems flying so fast here.
my birthday, Chistmas then new year and now only 6 days left.

but I realize that I kept thinking about what I will leave here, I'm definitely not going forward.
When I feel down, I motivate myself that there are still many things waiting for me there like to see Super Junior, Taylor Swift, Michael Buble and Justin Bieber.
ya though I'm not a fan of them or buy their concert ticket which are so expensive, at least I and my friends will do something to see them directly, and of course I cannot do it if I stay in Surabaya.
Besides, after seeing my result that very unsatisfactory, I have the spirit to start this semester better than before.I'm not the most creative nor smartest, but I'll show to be more diligent than before.
pray for me ya :)

don't look back nor count anything that will be left but look forward and calculate what has been waiting for.
think positively!

just got a new year gift from randomgurl

and once again so surprise I won the second place of Jamie's SOTM