Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm too afraid


On Monday I visited my friends at their campus, Petra Christian University.I talked a lot especially with them who majoring in visual communication design.I also met my high school friends there.
huaa envy them all.
they have quite big, complete and the important thing, cheap food at their canteen.I really wish NAFA will have canteen like that

After they have done their class, I went to Galaxy XII with Grasya and Dian to watch harry potter.

Awesome movie and also cheap!
only IDR 20.000 and you can watch movie with indonesian subtitle.

today I went to Petra Christian University again to accompany my other friends who majoring in business management.they need to ask signature from their seniors.Before their seniors gave their signature, my friend need to sing their management funny to see them like that because at my university there's no event like that.Though that event seemed tutoring junior, indirectly it will make a relation between seniors and juniors.
I found one weakness of overseas universities, it's more individual.there's no event to make seniors and juniors closer.
I also miss being in organization like I used to do when I was in high school.

I know all of you can conclude that i'm really happy here.really enjoy my life.nothing to be thought on my mind.
yaa finally now I'm too afraid,
too afraid to count my days left here.even I know, I still have lots times here until January thing I'm sure, moment that I must back to my university life will come, sooner or later.
I cannot stop the time, things that I could do only enjoy my time here with my beloved family and friends.

also I got this award from Susan.thanks


Thursday, November 18, 2010

the birthday lady part 2


Today is a public holiday and that means all of my family members will be at home.Not only that, my uncle, grandpa and my little cousin will come.
then we had lunch together.I really enjoy my life need to think about the payment.just choose and eat what I want :p

A few days ago Oli asked me to buy a birthday present for meli.Since I haven't anything to do, I followed her.but everything seems not clear.I don't know where we'll go or we'll go with, but as long as I go with them, i'm fine.I really miss them :)

and taraaaa, they bring me to Bandar Surabaya, not to PTC as I predicted.
ya few months ago my parents, brother and cousin who study in surabaya went to Bandar Surabaya.they said that place is really nice.envy them :(
so I asked Meli about that place and she told me that she'll invite me there if i'll go home.

waw! actually they have prepared a birthday dinner for me and also the birthday cake.

my second birthday cake

making a wish *again*

complete member of survive boxii

Oopps, almost forgot.I also got a birthday present from my Singaporean classmate, Jun Ying.She gave me this before I went back to indonesia.

Thanks Jun Ying!It's really cute :)

Not only that, on this birthday I also was awarded by charnina thanks

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Seven things about me:
1. I'm studying in Singapore
2. I just realize that my hometown, Surabaya is really hot but I miss it always
3. I love and miss my family and friends
4. I love cat
5. I'm a newbie fan of kpop
6. I just realize that the best place ever is home
7. I love the way I'm

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

From a girl to a lady


hey, happy birthday to me!
thanks to my God for everything He has done in my life which I can't mention it one by one.
This year He gave me the best gift what I really want *at least 4,5 months lately*, HOME
celebrate my birthday at home, it's more than enough for me.

From a Girl to a Lady
actually I inspired by one of We Got Married of Goguma Couple's episode.
on that episode, both YongHwa and SeoHyun celebrated their birthday.SeoHyun is on the same age with me, 19 years old *20 years old on korean age*
people might say that i'm old but for me, I'm just mature.
I don't want to just talk but show it with attitude.

About 8 PM after had dinner with my family, I enjoyed my cozy room when I heard people sang happy birthday.
I opened my window and saw, that's GC with the birthday cake!
Omg, I didn't expect they will come
Thanks GC!
I do missing all of you.

making a wish

with my Girls and Gays Comunnity

Birthday messages, made by Owel

thanks to Yenny who made this special for me

she made 19 hearts on that paper.
really thanks darling

and I really appreciate all birthday greeting from you friends.
big thanks and sorry if I can't reply it one by one.

I took this picture on Saturday 13th, a day before I went back home

Today, still on my birthday, David Archuleta hold his autograph session in Singapore.
Actually I really want come.He came from far away, not from Asia.
I think It's not my destiny to meet him.maybe next time
Come back to Singapore Archie!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Freedom is mine


hi bloggers finally I'm coming back to my blog world.
actually I really miss it
Today is really my freedom yeaa FREEDOM is MINE!
I've done my ISP and submitted it on 8th and presented it today.
omg, I was so nervous even that was my second time presented formally in front of Singaporean
After do my presentation, I went to Somerset to have some dinner with my classmates to celebrate the birthday a few of us who celebrate it on November *including me* because the international students will be back to their own country soon.
Then went to Marina Square to play pool.

by the way, I got a souvenir from my Singaporean classmate.It's like a mini perfume.and guess where did she just go?INDONESIA.a thing from Indonesia back to funny right?

I don't know why but I'm so tired now and have no energy for packing.
yihaaa 4 days left for going back home
I'm really excited!
SURABAYA, I'll go back to your side soon.miss you so much
Lots things I miss about my hometown especially the foods and I've made a food-wish-list.
I made it to that I could eat it all before I'll go back to Singapore next year.
What are they?let's check it out
soto Cak Har
bubur GKI Manyar + Fu Yuan
rujak cingur without cingur
nasi goreng Oma and Mak
omelet indomie May
bakwan penyet Bu Kris
es istana jagung Shanghai Juice
honeydew juice Mama
dori steak Boncafe
babi madu Food Festival
kepiting Cak Gundul
pastel tutup, pastel. risoles, lumpia, kroket

I'm so exited to go home, feel like haven't gone home for few years .
what do you think that should I do at the first time when I'll at home?
leave your opinion on 'Comments' yaa