Thursday, October 14, 2010

my fifth and sixth award


Finally after few weeks didn't touch blogger world because of submission week, I come back
First of all i want to post awards which I have got few weeks ago
I'm so sorry, I just can post it now
I got my fifth from babywiie.thanks so much

and some rules follow this award :
-give to 10 other bloggers and follow the next rules.

i want to give this award to
10. elvira

You must follow these rules if you want to take this award
the backlinks rules.I don't really understand but one thing I know that people who get this award must put their link on number 10 and erase number one.

and my sixth award come from lina.thanks a lot

two rules follow this award.the first one, give to 5 other bloggers and they are :
1. kryk
2. orel
3. hana

and the last one is I must give 2 questions for you.
before that I must answer 2 question from lina.they are :

1. do you think? what is missing from my blog? whether loading objection? contents of less quality and weight? or what is lacking?
Lina's blog is so interesting, especially the k-pop posts:)
2. what is your hobby lately?
do homework :p*no lahh kidding hehe* uhmm, anything on online world but actually I miss sewing :(

now, my turn to give you 2 questions.

1. what causes the bloggers do not leave post comments in right place and put it on the shoutbox?

2. what is your favorite posts topic?

now, back to my university life --___--
today is day-1 DEADline of the submission week
I've done all today but I still want to add some complementary until the last second of the DEADline which is tomorrow, October 15th
I just hope what I've done few weeks lately isn't in vain.
God blesses my works.amen
and the bad news, tomorrow isn't the end of my struggle in this semester.
Integrated Studio Project (ISP) is waiting for us, year 1 of Design and Media Student!
ISP is like the final project on this semester and it will be themed 10.1 and we could make anything which represent 10.1
do you have any idea?


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another Memorable Experince


Actually I joined this competition last year, October 10th 2009.
First Design Award 2009, the first national design competition I've ever joined.
Whatever they said about that competition, I'm glad that I could participate.
even I only the finalist, it gave some experiences and also new friends.
Not only that, I got some refreshment of my school bustle, went to Jakarta for 3 days with my friend, Wuisan.

all FDA'09 finalists and the judges

I'm still in touch with some of them

this competition is also reported :

Oh no, this post makes me miss my high school life


Saturday, October 2, 2010

lots of k-pop idols come to Singapore


on September 29th, I went to bugis junction to accompany Nadia to meet G.NA, a Korean singer.
as usual, I don't know who is G.NA until I see her directly
I arrived a little late but that I knew, she was crying and I do not know why.
After that, she sang her song and started the autograph session.
you can read the full story here

source : here

On the weekend of that week, on October 2nd I went to Choa Chu Kang to accompany nadia to meet Hangeng,*as usual I just know him when I met him* a former member of Super Junior who continued his solo career in China, his home country.
Same as when I met CN Blue, I was waiting for few hours.
I also brought my homework and made it done there :p

Hangeng who wore black clothes

around at 4 PM, Hangeng appeared on stage and I can see him clearly *because I red a fence :p*
you can read the full story here

Believe me or not, you will get own happiness when see him/her appear on stage.You'll find all your sacrifices paid off
and also I have several tips if you want to meet k-pop band/singer :
monitor the situation from internet and follow the development
if he or she is quite famous, come to that event at least 4-5 hours before it will start
if you're his/her big fans, don't forget to bring their album
bring your camera or handy-cam to captured your idol
dress comfortably because you may sit on floor *we don't know* and also fan :p
bring enough food or at least snack to be eaten when you're waiting
bring something to make you won't bore during waiting for example book or homework *if you have lots of it :p*

uhmm, i think that's all.
I'll add later if I got any experiences.
or you have other tips?just add on 'Comments'

FYI. on October 23th will be held k-pop night concert which invite SHINee, D-NA, Big Bang, ze:a, Infinite, SNSD and FT Island