Wednesday, September 29, 2010

happy birthday SUSAN HARTANTO


wish you all the best and all your wishes will come true

I wish you're the first one who read this post
Even I'm not there to give you direct greeting, I have something to you.
I know it's only something that everyone can make but that's all I can do in the middle of my assignment week.
I can't hope too much that you will like it but i hope you're happy today.
today is your day girl,cheer up!
Okay, I think I've talked too much and you're wondering what is 'something' that i've talked
you can't find it here.
just open your e-mail and see what will happen
once again happy birthday san!
friends forever
*ps. I write this post special for my most loyal reader and my best friend
by the way, sorry my 'pulsa' isn't enough so i can't recall you :(

for bloggers, sorry I can't post that 'something' here because I made special only for the birthday girl.Happy Blogging!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Formula 1


hey, I come back with another new experience that I haven't known before
it's about FORMULA 1
as you know, Formula 1 is an international race car.
actually I also don't know much about it but it was an international event which held in Singapore,there was nothing wrong to watch it
so I went to Marina Square where I can watch it for free.I have been waiting and standing for 3 hours until the race started *I got a quite strategic place *

One think that I haven't known before that F1 cars have very loud voice and actually that was exciting to watch that race.

the racing track was captured by me from Marina Square

but unlucky,I can't watch it until the end because there are LOTS things that I MUST do due to the submission on week 13th.
wish me could submit all of that on time bloggers!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

happy birthday OLIVIA SHARON


Today, September 19th is my best friend, Olivia Sharon's birthday
wish you all the best and may all your dream come true.
I'm really sorry I can't be there by your side, give you some little surprise with boxii, and attend your birthday dinner.
I only could make this.
even the declining my photoshop ability, I tried my best.
I hope you like it:)

last but not least, I hope you are happy today

ps.I REALLY HAPPY today!Because i could skype-ing with BOXII.I miss all of you so feels like all of you is here.I really can't wait for november


my forth award


Only few days after I got my third award, I get this award from bela.

and some rules follow this award :
  1. must share to five other bloggers.
  2. everyone who are awarded must post this award to their blog.
and these are my blogger friends who get this award :

thanks being my online friends


Friday, September 17, 2010

my third award


my third award I got from aya
thanks so much

In addition to displaying the award, must write well, think about "becoming a creative blogger"
in my opinion, become a creative blogger just be themselves because a copycat is not confident with themselves

by the way, I must share this to 10 bloggers :
thanks for inspiring me


Am I still on my dream?


I have been 2,5 months here but I don't know why I feel I'm not going to live this forever *ya at least for seven years ahead*
I feel this is only for a while, like just for a holiday and going back into my old life when vacation was over or so at least for a short timemany times I tried to wake myself that what I live now is not a dream or for a short time.this is my new life, at least for seven years.

many times I compare it to my old life.I'm so grateful, the little things that become very huge if I do by myselfand realized that I spent time with people who I love,  family and friends is very valuablealthough I have not fully aware that this is indeed the real life, I will do my best and go home will become the best gift

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

meet old friend


Today until Friday, September 17th is family who are coming last Saturday came back already to Indo.huaa so fast.I still miss themPhotobucket
nothing to doPhotobucket
My classmate, Fina asked me to accompany her to do shopping at bugis!
I feel so exciting!Photobucket
I only buy three items with my mom because we didn't have enough time for shoppingPhotobucket
after do shopping, we go to bugis junction to spend our time *SPEND?give me that time to the school busy time==*
so I went to bookstore to read saw the pictures of the books and browsed.
And suddenly my high school friend, evek appeared and said "hai poppi!"
huaa I'm so socked!
and happy.
I didn't expect that will meet her here.
I only knew that she went to Malaysia this holiday.
we took some photos, this is one of them

I and evek

she also told me a lot about GC.that made me miss them.
by the way, thanks for coming evek.enjoy your holiday here!Photobucket


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Train is Coming


source : here

If you are living in Singapore, you must know that new song.That song always we heard on certain MRT station.
I think it has a funny lyric.

This is the lyric:
Train is coming (3x)
Please start 'Q'-ing
Love your ride

When I search that video, I also found this video
source : here

interesting public service advertisement I thinkMyEm0.Com
In Indo language it's called "Singapore banget" 
which means So Singaporean.
because that ads use not only good English but also Singlish, Mandarin, Melayu, etc
One of the reasons I like this country is the transportation.
So if you're not living and just on vacation in Singapore, I suggest you that avoid taxi and use bus or MRT to travel around this country.

By The Way, Happy Holiday!MyEm0.Com
I saw a lot of Indonesian spend their holiday here.


Friday, September 10, 2010

pig rabbit


As you know, a few weeks ago I met CN Blue and became a newbie fan of Jung Yong Hwa MyEm0.Com
my friends told me that he took a role in You're Beautiful, a korean drama
So I'm very interested to watch it.
I watched it on until suddenly youtube removed it.I felt so disappointed because I felt really interested on it.MyEm0.Com
but lucky, I found disappointment and irritation to youtube is unhealedMyEm0.Com
Now, back to the topic!

what is pig rabbit?
it's a doll which made by Hwang Tae Kyung to Go Mi Nyeo.
it was a combination of pig and rabbit

Go Mi Nyeo and pig rabbit

Hwang Tae Kyung made it from pig and rabbit doll

I asked my friend in Surabaya and they said that it hasn't sold in Indonesia
and finally I bought it today at 8 junction, Bishan

pig rabbits and I *as my twitter's avatar*

owel's pig rabbit, Hwang Tae Kyung

and finally taraa!!
my pig rabbit : Kang Shin Woo
with my handmade ribbon:)