Friday, August 20, 2010

CN BLUE in Singapore


I attended CN BLUE meet and greet at city square mall, farrer park xD
my friend, Nadia asked me to follow her to see it.
Even the first time I don't know what is CN Blue, where it comes from, its song or its member, I try to enjoy it.I  just knew them a few hours before they appeared on stage==

proof label

few hours before meet and greet

a fan handmade

this was my first experience met famous person directly not from TV :D
i went to city square mall on 12 AM to see the situation there.
it's still then we went to mustafa to buy some snacks and McD to have lunch
on 1 AM Nadia and I waited at waiting place.

design and composition homework=="

floor as my own table :p

I did almost all my homework like design composition HW, 3D studies HW, and creative process HW :p
until i sooo tired but, CN Blue will appear few hours later
it was around 7 AM and the other fans stood up and waited for them appear on stage.
Finally on 8 AM they appeared on stage!
fans screamed to my ears
so i followed them SCREAM! haha
they gave their autograph to their class 1 and 2 fans
some of the fans were given hug by them *huaaa so envy* to the class 1 and 2 fans
OMG, Yong Hwa Oppa is so cute
even it was so hard to see them clearly.

from 3th floor

but, when they already backed to the back stage and I already gave up to see them,
i went to the back stage, i stood in front of the back stage door.hope to see them when they walked out.
and YES.that's right!they went out from that door.I saw them!
unlucky Blackberry camera is too slow to capture them even I've stand by my bb camera ==
BUT 1 thing that i'm sure, Yong Hwa Oppa kissed bye in front of me
hey, i'm just a half meter from him huaaa so HAPPY hehe
i think my sacrificed today paid off to what i had =)

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

class outing


hai bloggie!
I back with some stories of my university life.Today I have a class outing with my classmates.
Our class over at 3 PM, then we went to bugis to buy some snack, stuffs and kites.After that we went to Marina Barrage by MRT from bugis station and alight at Marina Bay station.We reached Marina Barrage we need bus because it was quite far from the MRT station.
Marina Barrage is the place with lawn but on the second floor so it was a lot of wind blowing there.Moreover,the scenery there is so beautiful.We could see Marina Sands, Singapore Flier, sea from there.

Marina Barrage

When we got there,some of us took photograph for photography homework and the other tried to fly their kites.
And one thing that surprised me, I could fly a kite!MyEm0.Com
I haven't done it before because in Indonesia, play kite is like a very ancient game and there was no save place to play.
Around 7 PM we got tired of playing kite and started to eat pizza(we have ordered Pizza Canadian before) and continued with Andre's pre-birthday celebration.
We sang song Happy birthday in different language.English,Mandarin and Indonesia cause Andre comes from Indonesia.

Andre's pre-birthday celebration


Marina Bay's night view from Marin Barrage

night view of Marina Sands

The event continued with 'ghost stories' section.I don't really like this section because it was already 9 o'clock MyEm0.Com
finally, our event ended at 10.30 PM and went back to MRT station and separated there.
I really love this day!
even people said that friday the 13th is the bad day, for me and my classmates, it was the best dayMyEm0.Com

caricatures of 1F by Li Yuan

Ps. My classmates remain me to GC
I really hope I could invite them to Marina Barrage and have fun there.
miss themMyEm0.Com


Monday, August 9, 2010

Singapore National Day


tomorrow will be your very first day of university and my very first day of holiday on university
-- tweet by @poppimeshi

Tomorrow will be Singapore National Day!
Happy Birthday Singapore.
wish you all the better
because all the best i only wish for my country, Indonesia
I've waited until 12 AM from my apartment and hope to see the fireworks.
but until I slept there's no fireworks == *disappointed*

a few hours ago I found this video on youtube

fireworks on Singapore National Day

some people said that Parade will be held tomorrow but, I don't know where and when ==
ya.I start to enjoy this country.
even a little bit homesick and BIG foodsick
this is only 5 weeks of 7 years that i'll spend here.