Friday, July 30, 2010



It has been a long time I didn't post something
i've started my REAL new life : UNIVERSITY
my first 2 weeks here i spent it with hanging out and adventuring around Singapore *hyperbola*
my first class was photography and design class. It took place at photography studio
uhmm and i think I NEED a SLR camera.
should i buy?
i 've bought my macbook pro few month ago and now i ask my mom a SLR
i'm so confused...

on other class, design element, my lecturer asked us to do homework about dot dot and line line
and these are my work.

dot dot einstein

line line einstein

so on and so on my class.

this week was my second week of my university life and tomorrow, i'll be already a month here.
i don't know it should be already or still a month here.
honestly, i enjoy my life now but i can't lie
I REALLY miss my old life BADLY
my high school life.
my friends *boxii.d'quews.GC*
my family
my old and new house *i dream the old one few days ago :'(*
my lovely town SURABAYA
FOODSICK *surabaya food, i miss it so much*

i wait for :
SEPTEMBER *my parents and grandfam will visit me*
NOVEMBER *go home!*
FEBRUARY *dad let me go home for celebrate Chinese new year even if it'll be only for 4 days :)*


Saturday, July 10, 2010

miss independent


actually nothing to do today but few days ago my friend nadia ask me to follow her to meet her friend, a NAFA's student too
but her friend has been 3 years here so i can ask something about our new college:P
we met at food junction, bugis junction
after that nadia and me go to orchard to have window shopping hehee

we went to orchard by MRT from bugis - city hall (interchange) - orchard
then we walked to Tang plaza and lucky plaza but bought nothing:P
as you know, the goods's price on orchard are so high that can't be bought by student *especially overseas student like us :P*
after that we went our own home, nadia at bishan and me at waterloo
so we separated at orchard and i went home alone!
i went by MRT too from orchard - dhoby ghaout (interchange) - bras basah
bras basah is the nearest MRT station from my apartment
finally i arrived to my apartment safely:)
and i got one lesson today : bring umbrella everywhere!
because when i almost arrived to my apartment it was cloudy and seem wanna rain :(
luckily it wasn't rain *fiuhh*
tomorrow plan : go to church with nadia:)


Friday, July 9, 2010

my second award


my second award =D
i got from Angel thanks MyEm0.Com

and there are the tags with this award
1. How many blogs do you have and how old?
only one.this:) uhmm Almost 3 months
2. Since when do you know the world of blogs?
around five months ago but I'm too lazy to do it: p
3. Why are interested in creating blogs and for what?
I'm study in Singapore, i use this blog so that i can so keep close to them:)
4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of your blog?
uhmm i do not know but this blog is perfectly me!
5. Award and tag 5 friends to give to other bloggers.

what's my SECRET project?


now, let all of you know something which i always call SECRET project!
i've planed and prepared it almost 3 months and finally i can tell you what's that:)
actually i've done it more than a week ago but i'm too busy with this departingMyEm0.Com
no need a lot of talk, let's see the picture!

the old SECRET project for SURVIVE boxii
little bag which contain a CD each bag
there's a video in the CD
i hope you like it boxii =)

the new SECRET project for D'QUEWS+irene
the caricature of each d'quews member and irene
i'm not professional enough but i hope you like it too
i'll study hard here to learn how to draw the realism haha


Thursday, July 8, 2010

my first award:)


this is my first award MyEm0.Com
i got this from ciLinwonderland thanks:)


Monday, July 5, 2010

Singapore, here i'm


finally that day was coming!
day that i must depart to the place which i often call 'there'
yaa, now i can't call it 'there' but 'here'
yes, i'm already here!
bye indo.
bye surabaya.
bye GC.
bye d'quews.
bye boxii.
bye friends.
see you on novemberMyEm0.Com
ps.thx to d'quews and GC for the video.huaa poppi terharuu :') kq poppi gak tau kalian lagi nge'video pas di WBL hahaa pokoknyaa thengkiuu yaa =D


Thursday, July 1, 2010



i think i was the most wanted movie this year.fiuhh finally i got that ticket with really HARD fight and BIG lucky.when gate of the cinema opened, a lot of people uhmm i think around a hundred people want to get in==" new crocs(!) but lucky, i took it fast before other could i found my friend (uhmm i think i only know her) queued 3 or 4 lines from the locket, so i ask her for mine and my friends
and finally we GOT it!

Jacob Black said to Edward Cullen:"I'm hotter than you!"

our tickets