Monday, May 31, 2010



well, it's not title of a film but it's about me.
i almost leave my high school and i think i'm not the same me when i stepped for the first time


two years ago : I was no one

last year : I tried to show myself

this year : I'm someone

and it really make me proud =D
I hope I can develop myself better and better on my freshman year.
yaa, I know the very first problem have been waiting for me since I was in Surabaya.
i hope can solve it and can be mature day by day ;)


a bitten biting bittern. bite a better brother bittern!


the middle of my reply objec erratic (read: sore eyes), I followed the race which was held IBM UKP.
I painstakingly make sure mama papa okay That I'll be okay there:)
Cause I do not want to broke my promise to my friends
so, get me to come race with Fenny and olive hehe
really boring waiting for nothing ==
after a long ~
Our waiting period ends and the briefing begins
so the game was rally games.
there are 5 posts

  1. pertama-tama kita udah dapat pos yang nderedegi hahaha jd qt ky drama gt stepmother xg mw marahi anke trs ad best friend anke xg mw bantu bela hihihi
  2. gestures tu ky pantomim gtu banyol pkoke hahaha
  3. finding main point ni xg plg swt.wes bolak balik ksino jwban mb ko" g ad xg bner== akire 10 seconds trakir bner pdhl itu aq ngawur saknemu kta wkwk we're so lucky wkwk
  4. nahh pronunciation ni xg plg emann krg dkitt qt dpt point tp gpp we're the best group there hahaha
  5. nglanjutno crta 1,5 menit mnurtq plg g karuan bgg ngliati wktue==

after we had a break lunch, we continued the event.
mrgt qt dsru bwt presentasi blas g pro powerpoint
presentasie qt bys aee
cuma yang aku kcwa, creditku g jalan!! :(
bete pol pdhl itu xg garai kren.
sepertinya aku memang engga jodoh sama credit, waktu FDA itu aq juga lupa buka slide yang ada creditnya==
really disappointed but ya gtu wess~
honestly, i really tired after i joined this competition but it gave me more experience and met my elementary school.
nice to meet her there:)
as my tagline :
just for fun but do the best!

and their tagline :
dare to speak
dare to be different
dare to change


Friday, May 28, 2010

d'quews outdoor photos


almost 1 month ago d'quews took an outdoor photos=)
and there are some of the photos..

for complete photos, click here
all of these photos were taken by


Thursday, May 27, 2010

PROM nite


beautiful need sacrifice
wear high heels is one of the facts! xD