Wednesday, April 14, 2010

thx God, i feel really blessing


thx a lot God,
i don't how much i thank to You God
You gave me all I need, family who always love however they are.
sometimes my dad easily get angry, my mum is bad mood, and my bro always disturb me but i know it nothing compared to the orphan's life
ya, i have just visited orphanage for region practices test with my class, XIIA1

my classmates XIIA1 and the orphans

my friend syput, eli, paulus and me

i can't promise i'll visit them soon but i promise i'll never forget them :)


Sunday, April 11, 2010

just try:)


start bloging? maybe i'll try it
this is my first posting
i don't know what i want to write :p
i just think that maybe i'll need this blog soon
when i'm not in surabaya anymore
when i feel so far from my family and friends

yaa "sometimes i want to start my new life there soon, but the other time i don't want to leave my family and friends here"
and i know, I'll definitely miss them a lot♥