Tuesday, November 5, 2013



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I know I won't be 21 forever but I'll always remember all things that happened when I was only 21. It's a little bit too old tho for a YOLO teenage girl yet too naive for a mature lady.
When everything seems going wrong, I tried to make up my mind that my plans aren't always same with His plans. That's my choice to follow his or struggle to get all my own plans right.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Two Weeks to Go!


"Two weeks to go!"
This is a usual sentence that I usually post on twitter during my first few semesters in Singapore. Whether I was counting down my flight to go back home or I was waiting for my family to visit me here. During all this storm, I don't really mind where I am, as long as the problems pass nicely, I am okay with it. Now I finally come back to that moment when all I want is at home with my family no more than that. Even I know the storm hasn't yet to pass but, I can get a piece of cupcake right? :)

I know, I'll never grow up if I always pity myself for every single failure. However, I cannot deny how hurt it was. One thing I learn, leave all your life to God. He will lead you to a great place, but He never said that He will give you a nice and smooth way. God, I know I am on my way there. Help me to resist all this storm.

I try to reorganized myself and also my plans. Currently I read Merry Riana's book, Mimpi Sejuta Dolar (One Billion Dollars Dreams). Actually I have been read it since early this year but not yet finished. Honestly speaking, She inspired me in a positive side. Well, if her goal is reach a financial freedom at the young age, mine is more than simple. I want to do what I like and enjoy what I do start from young age.

p.s. I'm working on a project for my future life. Get excited! :D


Wednesday, May 1, 2013



Sorry for my sudden hiatus for around four months. I know I said sorry for my inactiveness many times before but this is not really what I want tho :((

Life is just kinda hard for me lately. So many problem wandered around me. Nag me to solve them fast.
Degree, living place and FYP. hard enough for stressing me.

I am just done with one of them, FYP. Just finished my final presentation this afternoon and quite satisfied with it. Not satisfied enough with my work but at least I am proud of myself to go this far for this project. A whole sleepless week and bravely reply on my external accessor's comments. It's just amazed me. Thanks God :))

I just got a bad news that really made me down. That was my third time did that and the result still...
oh well, I start to think that what I want probably not His plan. Is it true God? Please give me direction to the right one.

Currently I am on my effort of looking for a new living place. As me and my housemates will not renew the contract. I am actually quite excited but I haven't find one. please pray for me to find a great one that suit me and my roommate well.

He is not my God if He only give me problem, problem and problem. Just like last year, He gave me a little pieces of happiness in the middle of storm. I attended concerts of my kpop idols. Not only one but two in sequence week. I know how crazy I am in the middle of hectic FYP weeks. I surely will create another separated blogpost for this. It has been a while for me to write about kpop right? Okay just stay tune :))